Maritime courses organized in the following week

Diverso Impex – maritime training and crewing center organizes following courses for seafarers in the following week:

*Note: Get your STCW certificates – call us +385 21 453 040 and register for the maritime courses in time!

Following maritime courses will be organized soon, contact us now and take your place

D1 – Emergency procedures on board

D2 – Basic Safety Training (STCW A-VI/1)

D3 – Master of ship up to 200 GT (STCW HR II/2)

D4 – Ratings Forming Part of Navigational Watch (STCW II/4)

D5 – Officer in charge of the navigational watch on a ship up to 500 GT in navigational area 3 (STCW II/3)

D6A – Radar observer

D6B – ARPA and Radar Observer – Operational level

D7 – Ratings Forming Part of Navigational Watch in engine room (STCW III/4)

D11 – GMDSS General Radio Operator’s Certificate (STCW IV/2)

D12 – Advanced Fire Fighting (STCW VI/3)

D13A – Basic training for oil tanker and chemical tanker cargo operations (STCW V/1-1-1)

D14 – Advanced Oil Tanker Operations (STCW V/1-1-2)

D15 – Advanced Liquefied Gas Tanker Operations (STCW V/1-2-2)

D16 – Advanced Chemical Tanker Operations (STCW V/1-1-3)

D17 – Qualifications to operate a boat and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats (STCW VI/2-1)

D18 – Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats Operations (STCW VI/2-2)

D19 – Medical First Aid (STCW VI/4-1)

D20 – Qualifications in medical care on the ship (STCW VI/4-2)

D27 – Dangerous Cargo Handling (STCW B- V/b i STCW B-V/c)

D32 – The officer responsible for Ship Security (STCW VI/5)

D35 – The commander of a fishing vessel in domestic service and EFPZ

D39 – Able Seafarer Deck (STCW II/5)

D42 – Maritime Security Awareness Training Course (STCW VI/6-1)

D43 – Proficiency in designated security duties (STCW VI/6-2)

D45 – Bridge Resource Management (BRM)

D46 – Engine room resource management

D47A – Leadership and team working skills

D47B – Use of leadership and managerial skill

D48 – Preventing pollution in the sea

D49A maritime course – High voltage – operational level

D49B – High voltage – management level

Boat Leader’s Licence Category – “A”

Boat Leader’s Licence Category – “B”

Boat Leader’s Licence Category – “C”

Yacht Master Category A

Yacht Master Category B

HELM – Human Element Leadership and Management – operational level

HELM – Human Element Leadership and Management – management level

Transas type specific ECDIS

Advanced tug handling and maneuvering course (for port and offshore operation)

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