instructor station ship simulator
kapetan na mostu
bridge resource management split
kongsberg polaris full mission bridge simulator
engine room simulator diverso
simulator stroja ucionica
ucionica simulator stroja

New Transas simulator – Full mission bridge & Engine room

From Transas simulator promotion event

Photos from course D17 – Qualifications to operate a boat and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats (STCW VI/2-1)



Maritime training center Diverso Impex – Split

Boat Leader’s Licence Category – “C”

Training at the pool

D49A and D49B maritime course – High voltage

Maritime training center Diverso Impex from Split, Croatia organizes STCW marine courses for seafarers on modern teaching and simulation equipment. Courses are held in equipped classrooms on two locations – Velebitska 123 and Stinice 12.

Maritime training center Diverso Impex

Maritime course equipment