D32 – Ship Security Officer (STCW VI/5)

Completion of the D32 course provides the trainees with abilities such as undertaking the duties and responsibilities as Ship Security Officer, identifying behaviour patterns of individuals likely to threaten security, implementation and maintenance of a ship security plan and making changes to the ship security plan if necessary, detecting weapons, calibrating security equipment and systems, ensuring that the ship’s crew is properly trained to maintain desired ship security level.

The course lasts for 14 hours (2 days).

Consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Policy in maritime safety
  • Responsibilities for security
  • Ship safety assessment
  • Safety equipment
  • Ship security plan
  • Detecting threats Identifying and procedures
  • Safety procedures on the ship
  • Readiness in case of emergency, Training and Exercises
  • Notes on security
  • Safety training

Validity of authorization is unlimited.