D51A – Basic training for ships operating in polar waters (STCW A-V/4) (Polar Code)

This course for working on ships subject to Polar Code is in accordance with the requirements of the 1978 STCW Convention as well as all updates. Specifically, it refers to Section A-V / 4, which is mandatory for the navigation of the polar regions from 1 July 2018.

Polar Code area

The safety of ships operating in sharp, remote and vulnerable polar regions, as well as the protection of the pristine environment around two poles has always been a matter of concern for the ship’s industry. Over the past decade, increased ice melting and environmental changes have led to a longer sailing season for ships, improved shipping availability and extended use of shipping routes along the NEP (Northeast Passage) and NWP (Northwest Passage). Trends and forecasts show that polar navigation will increase over the coming years, and these challenges should be met without compromising safety at sea.

Apart from the theoretical part of the training, the training takes place on the Transas full mission bridge simulators, which allow navigation on all forms of ice, as well as work on the iceberg or in cooperation with the icebreaker. As our training center owns two integrated full mission bridge simulators, besides simulated ships within the exercise, it is possible to directly cooperate with two ships in polar conditions managed by two trainees and supervised by our professional instructors on state-of-the-art technology.

polar code training
Polar code, ice navigation

Greetings from the ice boat from our lecturer