D27 – Dangerous Cargo Handling (STCW B- V/b i STCW B-V/c)


Course has been designed to meet requirements of STCW95 (Including Amendments) section B-V/b and B-V/c based on IMDG code and IMO model course 1.10 Course is intended for all shipboard personnel responsible for cargo handling aboard ships.


Upon completion trainee should be able to understand the important physical characteristic and chemical properties of dangerous and hazardous substances, understanding classification of dangerous and hazardous substances and materials possessing chemical hazards including IMDG code and hazards associated with each class.

Course Content:

  • Background and general introduction
  • Developments of conventions
  • Conventions
  • IMO and dangerous goods
  • IMDG code
  • Classification : physics and chemistry
  • Classification : UN system and how is used by IMO
  • Classification : IMDG classes
  • Packing and tank requirements
  • Construction and testing of packaging, IBCs and portable tanks
  • Consignment procedures
  • Limited quantities : rules
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • IMDG Code supplement
  • Safe transport and stowage of dangerous cargo in port areas
  • Future updating
  • Final review

Duration of the course 28Hrs.