VLCC Tanker advance cargo operation course

Scope:tanker cargo

The course is conducted in accordance to the requirements of STCW regulation B-I/12 and section B-I/12.40 of the STCW Code and is based on the guidelines of IMO Model Course 2.06. This course is intended for officers, masters and chief engineers serving on VLCC tankers:


The trainees who successfully complete the course will make a safer and more effective contribution to the operation and control of the cargo and ballast installation of VLCC tanker, which will improve ship safety and ensure protection of the environment:

Course content:

  • Familiarization
  • Special Operations and Procedures
  • Ballast operations
  • Basic theory of pumps
  • Cargo work and operation
  • Operational Problems
  • Practice of communication
  • Four kinds of danger on oil tankers
  • Reviews and final assessment

Duration of the course 24 Hrs.