Marine high voltage safety course

The course is designed to increase the troubleshooting skills and fault diagnostics procedures for marine electrical and mechanical engineers employed on various ships and offshore installations. This course will give knowledge and understanding of maritime HV installations and safety working procedures. The course will emphasize the safety aspect of electrical engineering work, recommendation on good safe safe practices, procedures and precautions be taken to maximize the safety of personnel. The course will provide both theoretical and practical instructions in safe training environment. Duration of the course will be 3 days.

Main topics of the course:

  • Theoretical:
    • International requisites for high voltage knowledge
    • advantages of high voltage systems
    • hazards
    • high voltage equipment on board
    • high voltage safety rules
    • safe working procedures
    • protective devices
    • high voltage electrical equipment testing methods
    • transformer testing
    • high voltage equipment maintenance
    • drawings
  • Practical:
    • Practical exercises will be held on high voltage training cabinet.
    • disconnection
    • isolation
    • proving the system dead
    • earthing and discharging
    • work permits
    • re energizing the system
    • SF6 and vacuum breakers operating principles
    • Protections operating principles
    • Insulation tes